Tasting San Antonio: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

This past Thursday, Grimaldi’s hosted the San Antonio Blogger Babes Galentine’s dinner and the food and service was amazing. I absolutely love Grimaldi’s. I eat there quite often. We got started off with a bruschetta trio and some cocktails.

I ordered a Prosecco and a Long Island Limoncello Martini. I typically drink beer with my pizza, but it was a Galentine’s dinner, so I thought I’d try something different.

I was able to try several toppings I had never tried before. I even tried a gluten free option and each pizza was as flavorful as the last. Not, every pizza we tried is pictured. I absolutely loved the pesto pizza (not pictured) which I have never tried before because the people I eat at Grimaldi’s with don’t like pesto.

We ended off the night trying each dessert (I was in heaven). My favorite was everything. They were all delicious.

We have a little bit of New York in our backyard here in San Antonio thanks to Grimaldi’s. Thanks again Grimaldi’s for hosting our event. I absolutely love your food and I will see y’all on my birthday.

Grimaldi’s is based out of Brooklyn, but they have three locations in San Antonio and several around the U.S.

P.S. Sign up for their newsletter and receive their specials in your email and a free 16” pizza on your birthday. You know where you can find me on my birthday.


Tasting San Antonio


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