Tasting San Antonio Cocktail Conference

San Antonio Cocktail Conference starts tomorrow y’all. The San Antonio Cocktail Conference is a Houston Street Charity event. Each event is so unique and extravagant, and it is one of my favorite events of the year next to Fiesta.

I attended the past two years. I had so much fun, and learned so much about liquors, absinthe, and cocktails. The best part is trying out all of the gorgeous and tasty adult beverages, food, and dessert. Let me tell you there is food galore.

I went by myself the past couple of years, so don’t worry about going by yourself because it is a fun environment and you will make so many new friends.

You get more bang for your buck at The Tasting Suites. The event takes place on Saturday during the day which gives you plenty of time to recover from Waldorf on the Prairie. It also gives you plenty of time to rest before going to Cocktails in the Enchanted Forest.

But if you are wanting to dress up then Waldorf on the Prairie is the event for you. It is an extravagant event.

*There are so many selfie opportunities at each event.

Plan to bring a jacket because although you may be inside there will be a line before each event opens. I’m extremely punctual, so I got to each event really early so I was stuck in the cold for a while before the doors were opened.

Remember to drink responsibly. I’ll be at the Come & Taste It event and The Tasting Suites. Say hi if you see me. I love making new friends.

Get your tickets at https://www.sanantoniococktailconference.com


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