Tasting San Antonio Workout Studios

Since it is the start of a New Year I felt it was appropriate to share my favorite places to work out in San Antonio.

Most of the places I workout at are pretty far from my house, so I work out at places based on a restaurant or coffee joint I am craving because balance.

So my absolute favorite place to workout at is Joyride. The instructors are so motivating, and it feels like you are at a club while working out. The lights are dim, so I don’t have to worry about people looking at all of the faces I make while working out. The faces I make when working out are not cute. The first class is free. Don’t forget to ask for a seat cushion. I learned the hard way, and I was sore for days. After a few cycling classes I no longer felt sore.

I love renting bikes downtown because it turns the downtown area/Southtown area into my personal gym. Bike riding is so much fun, but you have to return the bike every hour and re-check it out. However, there’s nothing like riding a bike to make you feel like a kid again.

One of my favorite type of workout is barre because it kicks my butt every time (in a good way of course). I really enjoy InBalance because they offer barre, yoga, Pilates, TRX, and piloxing. There are three locations in San Antonio, and the owners are so sweet and make classes so much fun. I definitely recommend it. They offer free community classes.

Check their website for times and locations because they are always adding locations. Smart Barre and Pure Barre are equally as fun.

Yes, that’s a mimosa.

*Athleta and Lululemon offer free workout classes. Check out their website or Instagram for more details.

I recommend MobileOm if you want to do yoga in cool places in San Antonio. They offer classes at locations such as the Hay Street Bridge which is one of my favorite places in San Antonio, partly because it is over Alamo Beer Company.

If you are a Pilates reformer type of person check out Club Pilates. The facility is super gorgeous, and the reformers help with flexibility. The introduction class is free.

May you find a workout you enjoy.


Tasting San Antonio


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